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Compare You to You...

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…and not the person next to you.

This is something I teach my students related to their progress as artists.

There is a tendency we have as we create to compare our progress to others we see as better. “I wish I could draw like (insert name here) “. Finding inspiration in others work is one thing, but lamenting on how not good you are does quite the opposite. Recently I had one of my students who is now in Art School for a graduate degree text me with that very issue. She was getting down on herself because a couple other students in one of her drawing classes were more advanced. The question she asked me was “How do I deal with that?”.

My response was compare you to you. The progress you have made from 6 months ago and one year ago. Look at how far you have come. You’re attending a top 10 art school in the nation and that took talent.

Growth for everyone is different. Its one thing to use someones work you admire as inspiration, but don’t let it turn negative and diminish the progress you have made. Some times its easier said then done.

Me on the left (Thor) and who inspires me as an artist on the right, Kenneth (Star Wars).

Me on the left (Thor) and who inspires me as an artist on the right, Kenneth (Star Wars).

Compare You…to You. Make sure you date your work so you can see your progress. You’ve got this!

"You're not doing it right!"

"You're not doing it right!"

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